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To celebrate Summer time in London, inspired by the Euros..

 Urban Panda presents: 



Two wavy scarves that symbolise the Essence of "PANDA" and what it means to be creative in London, 


The campaign brings together four independent creatives across Film, Music, Sound design and Photography to celebrate the creative diversity in London. 


The double sided scarves, made in collaboration with "Fan's Favourite" come in two distinct designs, with one representing the creative spark that resonates across  London with its thunder bolt design, and the other representing the "wave" in the city: the clear, tangible energy that comes together to make summer time in LDN one of the best in the world. 

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Urban Panda x Sirens FC:



Sirens FC are trailblazers in London's diverse football scene. From creating a space for women to come together and ball out, to showcasing their individuality away from football, they continue to set the standard for what modern football culture means. 

Urban Panda links up with 4 members of the Sirens family at Mabley Green. To mark their position as the Queens of East London football hub, we set up a living room vibe to make sure everyone knows that win, lose or draw, Mabley Green is HOME for Sirens FC.

Sirens FC are part of the Super 5 league, an incredible league bringing together women’s football teams from across the city to play in a safe, inclusive space.